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Episode 12: ACOUSTICS IN ARCHITECTURE - Jack Richardson - Hilson Moran & Spencer Drake - Armourcoat

December 09, 2020 Quiet Mark
The Quiet Mark Podcast
Episode 12: ACOUSTICS IN ARCHITECTURE - Jack Richardson - Hilson Moran & Spencer Drake - Armourcoat
Show Notes


In this episode, we explore ways to equip architects, designers and specifiers with best solutions to solve the major problem of reverberation across very many building types and design scenarios. When reverberation is left untreated, sound bounces around hard surfaces, such as wall, floors and ceilings, spoiling the overall experience of the building and potentially causing daily long-term discomfort to inhabitants. If left off the priority list a building can sound hollow and ugly and not be suitable for its intended purpose.  

Of our two guests on Episode 12, one creates beautiful acoustics in iconic buildings, the other provides specification consultancy on new projects to assist Architects, Designers and Contractors with advice on specialist surface finishes.

Jack Richardson works as a Senior Acoustic Consultant for Hilson Moran, an engineering consultancy with a reputation for delivering sustainable and innovative designs for the built environment on behalf of people and businesses worldwide.

Spencer Drake is Regional Sales Manager at Armourcoat Surface Finishes, a market-leading manufacturer and specialist contractor of decorative surface finishes. Developed over almost 40 years the company works with a network of agents and customers and enjoys product sales and installation into 80 countries.

In February, Quiet Mark launched its Acoustics Academy, a new online platform to further equip and empower architects, builders and designers with a guide to expertly verified leading acoustic solutions for every building application area. Armourcoat is one such product listed in the Acoustics Academy directory, and host Simon Gosling asks them both about their work and how they recently combined on a luxury swimming pool project within one of London's premier apartment buildings.

Outside of his employment, Jack is a member of the Institute of Acoustics (IOA) Southern Branch Committee, where he sits beside various other industry experts sharing the common goal of positively contributing to the future direction of the acoustics industry and raising awareness of the importance of good acoustics in our everyday lives.

Spencer graduated from Reading University in 2000 after studying surveying and joined Armourcoat in 2002. He has an in-depth knowledge of material application, substrate build-up, and colour technology and has worked on many of the UK's most prestigious projects including The Shard, Darwin Cocoon, The Walkie Talkie and The Gherkin.